Mergers & Acquisitions


While our focus is on providing you with solutions that protect your interests, Neider & Boucher’s Mergers & Acquisitions Team believes a successful deal provides enhanced value to both the buyer and the seller.  Our attorneys work closely with clients to help them successfully navigate deals involving privately held companies, and most importantly, get the deal done.


One of the most important and complicated steps in a merger or acquisition is properly structuring the deal.  We have a wealth of experience in dealing with the complexities.  Our Team provides clients with guidance on the form of the merger agreements, purchase and sale contracts, the tax ramifications of the different structures, potential employee issues, and effective due diligence and investigation that must be done.


We collaborate with any valuation experts, accountants or others who may be assisting you in this process.  Our attorneys know what to do and how to keep the process moving and are able to provide creative solutions to the many issues that arise.  We are committed to successfully closing the deal.


Please contact one of our Mergers & Acquisitions Attorneys for more information on our services.

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Willie Boucher
David M Gorwitz
Charles E Neider
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