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 By: Attorney Joseph A. Camilli The following is an unplanned interruption to Neider & Boucher, S.C.’s multi-part overview of some of the broadly tailored programs to assist businesses and individuals affected by the COVID-19 crisis. NEW PRIORITIZATION WINDOW – WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2021 On Monday, February 22, President Biden announced that he has instructed the […]

[UPDATED FEB. 16, 2021] COVID-19 Legislation Update – Part 3 of a Multi-Part Legislative Update Wisconsin Treatment of PPP Loans

By Attorney Joseph A. Camilli This third installment of  our multi-part overview will discuss the current State of Wisconsin taxation of PPP loans, both with respect to the deductibility of expenses paid with PPP proceeds and the income tax treatment of the PPP funds themselves.  As always, please keep in mind that the details of […]

COVID-19 Legislation Update – Part 2 of a Multi-Part Legislative Update PPP 2.0 Loans

By: Attorney Joseph A. Camilli This second installment of our multi-part overview will discuss the new PPP loans available for 2021 both for first-time applicants and for those who received 2020 PPP loans.  As always, please keep in mind that the details of any of the programs discussed require close analysis with your accountants, bankers, […]

COVID II Bill PPP and other related key business provisions

December 29, 2020 Authored by Joseph W. Boucher President Trump signed this bill Sunday December 27. The article by the Journal of Accountancy is an excellent summary. Some Key highlights: The PPP program has more funding.  Expands which businesses qualify to include other tax exempts such as destination marketing organizations.   For business not […]


At this time, Neider & Boucher remains fully operational with normal business hours.  However, in response to the rapidly changing coronavirus situation, we have taken the following steps to ensure uninterrupted service to our clients:

  1. We have technology in place that allows our employees to work remotely to limit their risk of exposure and protect their health.
  2. While in the office, we continue to preserve social distancing practices and will limit face-to-face office conferences with clients or guests.
  3. We have the capability to meet with clients in small and/or large groups via telephone or video conferences. 

We are available to respond to your questions regarding estate plans, healthcare powers of attorney, employment practices and business transactions.  We will continue to support your legal needs.