We’re Here to Help You Weather the Storm

We’re Here to Help You Weather the Storm

Our team of attorneys is dedicated to assisting our clients with the unique legal challenges and business implications created by the COVID-19 pandemic. These unprecedented times are rapidly transforming employment, contract, finance, tax, benefits, estate planning and other legal matters.

We’re here to help you weather the storm.

Neider & Boucher’s attorneys can help you apply for loans and grants, as well as understanding the contractual obligations upon you and your business that come with those financial resources.

Neider & Boucher’s attorneys can guide you through the complicated employment decisions that come with marketplace and regulatory shocks to your business.

Neider & Boucher’s business attorneys can assist you with debt restructuring, lease negotiations, vendor contracts, and the other day-to-day hurdles that you are facing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Neider & Boucher’s estate planners can update and/or draft your estate plan to maximize your assets even during these troubling times.

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