Attorney Joe Boucher is Inducted into the Weinert Center Hall of Fame

Attorney Joe Boucher is Inducted into the Weinert Center Hall of Fame

The Weinert Center at the University of Wisconsin School of Business has inducted Neider & Boucher Attorney Joseph Boucher as their most recent inductee. The Weinert Center uses three main criteria when inducting individuals into the Weinert Center Hall of Fame:

  • Entrepreneurial Success
  • Helping students
  • Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Below are some of the examples as to why Joe Boucher was given the honor of being inducted into the Weinert Center Hall of Fame:

Boucher was recognized as a long serving member of the Board of Directors, and for his distinguished service to the Weinert Center.  He is widely considered  by numerous sources as a leading business attorney. He co-founded Neider & Boucher, and has been crucial in growing it into a business legal planning firm for closely held businesses and entrepreneurs.

They called Joe’s assistance with students the hallmark of his activities.  He has been teaching at the University since 1980, and was one of the founding WAVE (Weinert Applied Ventures in Entrepreneurship) board members. He has also consistently received highly favorable feedback from students about how valuable his guidance has been with them and their startups.

Joe has contributed to the entrepreneurial ecosystem as an attorney, an angel investor, and a sponsor of events that make the community a better place. Besides sponsoring entrepreneurial themed conferences and events through Neider & Boucher, and donating his time to these programs, Joe has also over the years coached kids sports, served on the city’s economic development committee, and has chaired the Board of Trustees at Edgewood High School.

Everyone at Neider & Boucher is proud of Joe Boucher’s latest honor! Congratulations Joe!