For Wisconsin residents with dependent children under the age of 18, $100 rebate per child available NOW – July 2, 2018:

For Wisconsin residents with dependent children under the age of 18, $100 per child available NOW – July 2, 2018:

A Child Sales Tax Rebate was authorized by Governor Walker and the State Legislature in January. Claim submissions are being accepted now through July 2, 2018. There is a  $100 rebate, per child, for “sales and use tax paid on purchases made for raising a dependent child in 2017.”  (Dependents born in 2018 are not qualified).

Claims are submitted online through the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website, You will need each child’s DOB and SSN for the claim form, as well as your bank account and routing numbers if you choose direct deposit, or you can choose to have a check mailed to your home address.  Those who file a claim can expect a check or electronic bank deposit later this summer.

Filing start date: May 15, 2018
Filing deadline: July 2, 2018

Claimant Eligibility

  • Must have a qualified child
  • A child may only be claimed by one individual
Qualified Child Eligibility

Child must be:

  • Under age 18 on December 31, 2017
  • A dependent* of the claimant for tax year 2017
  • A Wisconsin resident on December 31, 2017
  • A United States citizen

*Dependent is determined using guidance described in IRS Publication 501, regardless of whether the claimant files a 2017 federal income tax return.

What You Need to File Your Claim

  • Your Social Security number and Wisconsin residency for tax year 2017
  • Your qualified child’s Social Security number and date of birth
  • If you choose direct deposit, we’ll need your bank routing number and account number
  • If you are a nonresident or part-year resident that moved out of Wisconsin in 2017, you must submit additional proof